Hi, I’m Bet and I love writing books.

I am a very happy old lady, too old to tell the years. I have had a very good life, not a lot of material goods, but a good life anyway. I was raised in a very moral, middle class family consisting of a mother, father, myself, one brother and one sister. Everyone had a good upbringing with lots of neighbors, friends, and relatives. Oh, we really had the relatives. You can read about them in my book entitled 2503. These relatives provided a very diverse look at life as it really was. Some did good, some great and others not so good. But as a child, I was watching and learning every day. To this day, I value all the lessons I learned as a child.

I grew up during the 1940′s with all the changes that World War II brought to our lives. I lived and learned through rationing, patriotism, and loneliness. You can read all about that in my book, In the 1940’s.

Then I married at age 18 and had a wonderful and exciting life full of ups and downs for the next 54 years. During that time, we had six children, three boys and three girls. We valued each and every one of them as individuals and provided for them the very best we could every day. That in itself was a big challenge, making for an always interesting life. And you can read all about those years in my book, The Wonderful 1950’s.

We must have done something right because five of our children grew up to be very responsible, happy adults. They each have a nice family, nice home and a good job.

One of our children was born with cerebral palsy. She has all sorts of problems including blindness,  but we have enjoyed having her also. She is full of surprises and  keeps me active and interested in life.

She will be featured in my next book Sammie and I which will be out in the fall of this year.

I am a very devout Catholic and practice my Faith every day. God has given me so much to be thankful for. I try to thank Him for all His many blessings to me each and every day. And that makes up most of the substance of my book A Better World .


Welcome to Books By Bet,




“Loved your 1950’s book… took me back to my childhood (born 1956) while also giving me the perspective of the    parents of that era (other than my own parents). Thank you for the forthright, humorous insights! Also love the Blog! I agree with all you say. We could have been family. Well, actually we ARE family… conservative, Christian Republicans who have solid moral background and are determined not to let this runaway train get past 4 years of hell. We can take our Country back… we just want to do it right, with moral high ground in the process.  Thanks for being a voice! (like John The Baptist… a voice crying in the Wilderness)… make straight the way of The Lord!”    --Rita  

“Hi Bet! Such memories.......I love your books, especially having been right there living them too. Love you!”         


 “Just wanted you to know that in my down time I really enjoy reading your books. Not only are they entertaining, but also take me back to the good old day’s.”

Thanks, Mike

“Hi Betty, I have very much enjoyed all your books for their memories, simplicity, and directness. 
And you are not afraid to state opinions!”

Thanks, Fr. Richard Walz,

“A '1950' review said you wrote like the reader was walking behind you, well I did. It was so much fun and memory shaking to read all the books. Your memory is remarkable, even I am impressed. Keep up the good work.
And by the way the website is great.”
 Kay Lucy 

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